Lowe Mill Semi-Annual Car Boot Sale Offers Many Unique Finds

In Ireland (and England), residents call a vehicle’s “trunk” the “boot.” Lowe Mill celebrates this concept with a semi-annual Car Boot Sale, an event in which vendors line up their cars and sell a myriad of items out of their boots – including the 1914 print pictured (now a staple in the Jones living room.)

Lowe Mill is the largest independent center for the arts in the nation. Thank you to all of the Lowe Mill staff and vendors who continue to coordinate such a fun, well-attended event, and thank you to all of the patrons in the area who support the arts!

Car Boot Sale Purchase June 2015 Nicole Jones resized for web


Nicole Jones
Huntsville, AL

Antique Print (1914)

Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

2211 Seminole Drive Southwest

Huntsville, AL 35805